Holistic Development


The school believes that learning does not take place only inside the class, but is the result of a continuous series of activities, experiences and stimuli inside and outside the actual classroom, which help in fostering the physical, mental and emotional growth of the child. Holistic education helps a child to achieve his/her best.


Each child learns to assess his/her talents as well as weaknesses through introspection and participation in diverse activities. Thus, she/he is able to make the most of his/her skills and use focus and hard work to overcome limitations.

Personality Development & Leadership

Children are exposed to a comprehensive but varied curriculum, helping them discover their individual talents and skills. The various activities offered as part of the curriculum, are aimed at developing the overall persona of each child and help him/her to become a well balanced and successful human being.

Values and Morals

Emphasis is laid on strengthening the cultural roots of the children to help them imbibe traditional values and morals. This is achieved through participation in prayer meetings and hawans. The undelying themes of the annual day functions, special assemblies reiterate the same. The children are taught to conduct themselves with dignity and show respect towards others by setting a standard of good behaviour, through the example set by teachers and senior students.