Co-curricular Activities


Besides the focus on academics, JPWS believes in all around development of the child and gives ample opportunities to develop hobbies. Art, Music, Dance, Computer Lab, Library, and a host of varied clubs are only a few of the activities our students attend each and every day.
An exciting range of class and house activities with choice and variety ensures that students’ existing interests are catered for, while everyone is encouraged to try new things. As part of a diverse community with a national dimension students will make friends from all around the country, developing an appreciation and understanding of different cultures and viewpoints.
Children benefit from learning, playing and developing together, during a period where neither gender dominates. In our vibrant learning atmosphere, we provide a great diversity of opportunity for both boys and girls.

Literary, Cultural & Scientific Activities

1. Literary, Cultural and Scientific activities such as singing, dancing, group discussions, debates, speech, quiz, essay writing, drawing, vocabulary competence, numerical aptitude etc. are organized for overall development of the students.
2. Weekly Inter House competitions are organized to provide participation opportunity to maximum students.
3. Morning Assembly also provides a good stage to develop public speaking skills among the students.
4. School also organizes and participates in Inter School Competitions.
5. House Days, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day etc. are celebrated with gusto every year by the students under the guidance of the well educated, experienced and creative staff.